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By post: LCL n.v./s.a. - Kouterveldstraat 13, 1831 Diegem

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Elsie Van Linthout (Luna)
+32 475 26 01 03

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  • Company

    The LCL carrier neutral data center facilities are one of the best connected buildings in Belgium with a wide range of telecommunications services.
    LCL guarantees business continuity by deploying high quality infrastructure and by providing 24/7/365 support to our clients.
    We provide an excellent service with strong customer focus by continuous training of our team.
    Thanks to our secure environment we are able to offer racks and client rooms to operators, service providers, systems integrators, enterprise clients and governments.

    Our challenge is to stay as one of the leading actors in the data center market in Belgium.
    Our ambition is to be your housing partner for your IT infrastructure. We contribute to the continuity of your business and help you evolve in the rapidly changing IT and telecoms environment.
    Enhancing communications with our customers to provide customised services and solutions!
    We wish to create a pleasant environment adapted to today's customers needs.
    The LCL employees are proud to contribute to the growth of the company.

    Core values
    Our core values are "SICRIT":
    ❖ Safety first
    ❖ I do care mentality
    ❖ Collegiality
    ❖ Respect
    ❖ Integrity
    ❖ Think green

  • Route description

    Our 3 independent data centers, in Brussels, Antwerp and Aalst, are within easy reach and have sufficient parking space.

    Kouterveldstraat 13
    1831 Diegem

    Download directions  here.



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