LCL provides an extraordinarily flexible service and thinks with you at all times.
You can also rely on LCL for highly specific solutions for special needs.
Our range of flexible services includes:


  • Racks in the colocation space or tailor-made client suites
    Depending on the space you need for your servers, you can opt for racks or suites. A unique code enables you to access your equipment. Suites are built to the customer’s specifications, taking the requested energy budget into account (48V DC can also be supplied) as well as the required cooling (if necessary, we can provide separate cold corridors).

    Smart hands & eyes
    Our team will be happy to assist you in carrying out certain procedures, such as changing network, back-up tapes, etc.

    Extra services
    Our partners offer services such as webhosting, dedicated servers, online backup, and so on. Based on what your precise needs are, LCL will refer you on to suitable partners who can help you.

    Setting up a patch to a new carrier doesn’t take long and installing the cable always runs smoothly.



LCL likes to think with you