Why choose LCL?

LCL is just like a bank vault; for important computers storing company data.
As part of our standard practice, we take all necessary precautions to ensure that your computers are safe with us.
In addition, there are more than 30 operators based here, all offering you a super-fast internet connection.

For ICT:
LCL is a Tier 3+ data centre company. As we offer the possibility of connecting with more than 30 operators, we are, by definition, cloud/service provider/systems integrator and carrier neutral. Our three strategically located data centres offer both separate and shared rooms to operators, cloud providers, service providers, system integrators, companies, and governments. From our data centre you have quick direct access to the major public cloud providers. LCL's data centres have strict access controls and are protected against power outages thanks to redundant generators and batteries.


Telecom Operators

Why choose LCL if you're a telecom operator?
As a telecom operator, LCL boasts more than 30 other operators with whom you can connect,
as well as end users with large bandwidth requirements.
Interconnections are fast and easy; via just one cable that our staff install for you straight away.
We also offer a scalable solution in terms of size and power: we are completely dedicated to your growth!

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 Service providers / System integrators (SP/SI) 



 Cloud Providers